Axia άξια

Knowledge without Doing is nothing 

Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt 

For me when I go back home or from the finishing of my First program with Coady, what is my plan and what is the new ideas that I have to get from this dear experience and how I will implement it in my context in Egypt.

Anafora ΑΝΑΦΟΡΑ:
Means Offering in the Coptic Language

“The vision of Anafora is a hand from underneath lifting people up. When hands are joined to lift others, then the vision of Anafora is spreading in the heart of people”       Anba Thomas

Anafora has been found in October 1999 by Bishop Thomas

One of the statements of Bishop Thomas Le 14 October 2011:

« As we are living in a precious decisive time in Egypt, the need for the vision of Anafora becomes more clear and necessary. When I see a person being transformed like a blooming flower it makes my heart rejoice. The vision of Anafora is a hand from underneath lifting people up. When hands are joined to lift others, then the vision of Anafora is spreading in the heart of people. To see a group of Young people sitting in a corner studying and discussing how to make a difference in lives of others is to see hope in the future. Our mission is to have an institute of education to teach leadership, advocacy, healing, management and skills for life. We want to give people tools for building their future. I hope to see discussions between young people from different backgrounds healing the past and working for reconciliation. This is to see and feel the presence of Christ. I want to present a good example of equality between men and women to transform the male-oriented society to a gender equality society. We also want to transform the society from being hierarchical to become democratic. Anafora is an institution of teaching the art of life and gives the tools to open the future for more unity of humanity. It provides open arms to invite and share the essence of life with all human beings everywhere on earth. Let us be the hands that join together to lift people up. Let us kneel down in gentleness to offer equal opportunities to those who are in the need. Together we can make a difference for the future.” Bishop Thomas

Anafora ΑΝΑΦΟΡΑ:
Develop our Financial System  with a new software  and I have already send to them and how to program it and it will be much easier for us for our future progress.we have already worked on this.

 Divided some of the department so I will create a department for information and documentation away from communication department so it will be more effective in our work.

 Promotion plan so to start our Website and to activate our group on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Devex so we can provide them with chances and opportunities and have a global network. And I have already also contact the It company  and someone will be in charge of this from Anafora.

 Use our annual meetings to see the achievement that we have successfully made through the year and see our strategic planning for the new year but I would like to develop that to make each department like agriculture, Programs , Hospitality and others …etc to ask the team to make a strategic plan for 5 years with financial description but first I will make a training about how to make 5 years strategic planning and how to document your work.

 Put a system of documentation easy for the courses through not only formal database as we do it but also electronic database it is more save for the data and paper so we have documentation of everything and it is easy to print the annual reports of participants and programs and trainers. and we are working that and I am in touch with our IT team to see the progress.

A part of my Action plan I have already achieved it, it is to be in Global change leaders for developing my skills for 5 months January 2012- May 2012 and then I will be attending the diploma on July 2012 till December 2012 to get more knowledge about ABCD development and Adult education.

During the 2 months of June and July, I will work on development the curriculum of Axia. and also find a Placement  because through my experience in my 3 placements I benefit from the ideas and so I would like to use some more time to gain more experience.

Axia άξια in the Coptic language and means Worthy

  1. Share my experience with Anafora stuff with a workshop of presenting leadership and development through activities from /Coady GCL
  2.   Facilitate courses for leadership with the aid of the GCL program manual for women from different communities with the number of 30-35 participants because I want this woman to be a natural innovation in their communities with collaborative innovation for Growing.
  3. Therefore, I will also make a social media and networking plan so all of the participants of Anafora will be in touch but I will start by Axia
  4. Mobilize our curriculum’s  start to reform it as curriculum’s with activities and objectives and of course that will take time but at least with the revision of our database I can find the team that I can work with it and we can work on that for different subjects or topics “ Advocacy, Gender, Leadership,  ABCD, Counseling and NLP, Life skills, Civic education, Human Rights, Computer skills “.
  5.  Definitely, implement the idea of case studies on our programs it was a great idea so make researchers over women leaders in Egypt and even case studies for the other subjects for men and women leaders that have left their legacy after their work locally and international especially.
  6. Develop the mentorship idea each mentor will be responsible on 1or 2 could be 3 even depend on the mentor choice. Also depend on the participants if they have a good English language we can provide for them An international mentor  but this like second steps and I will train some of the old leaders in the communities that have been our participants to present for them the idea and so the mentor will be from the same community or even from other community but I mean near by and know the context and the challenges so she will be the support that this woman will need it . in addition of they can have easy access to their mentor. that will help them to develop their relations and so she can discuss any of the challenges that she can meet from discrimination or any other thing.
  7. Include open -Space technology in my technicians of courses.

This is the art of hosting course in Anafora

5. Starting a program of How do we raise our children and we will focus on Cultural and the social norms and make us discriminate even between our children and of course I will start to targeting group form the urban areas and the centers places in upper Egypt before the rural areas and our Facilitator will be a French Trainer . and the reason for this course because I see that mama’s sometimes they do things as they used to do it and they saw how to deal with their kids with this way.

6.     Promoting food security through entrepreneurship projects.

7. Organize training of trainers’ workshops on civic society 25-30 participants for women in decision-making position.

8. Through Axios program, I will start a program called young professional so we will gather some of the participants of the Axia and other from Axios that they have attended Micro- Finance or they have already a business and start to network them so also they will be good references for the new participant.

9. Inspired by Shantimalka Program  in Nepal and I saw how networks make a big impact in the life of people and even in nations and we will establish a network for peacebuilding and because we have already peacebuilding and conflict resolution as a part of Anafora mission so we will make a name of this network and it will be involving in how to spread the vision of peace-making how to be a citizen not only a member in a community so it will be a philosophy for the teacher to inspire the new generations with it, the mother, the father, the leader in decision-making position so even the language of communication ill transform to be more carrying and peaceful.

10.  Promotion plan for the program so it will be known so first start a page and linked with anaphora page and also twitter + add it to the website.

11. Axia Center as Beginning of all of this Axia will not be a program in Anafora but will be a Center as International women center for leadership.

12. Idea of Online courses, but still I need to arrange who will facilitate and probably I can organize that the participants can come like twice during the program. ” still-under-construction”

Last but not least, it a continue Journey as Liesl said I am still living my life and discover it and as it is going and going I will remember always Coady because it has to give the power of knowing myself and to know my strengths and to develop myself and my work.

“My philosophy is, ‘Educate a woman, impact endless future generations,’,” said Miller.

“Each of these scholarships will have a long-lasting effect on the recipients’ families and will help demonstrate to their children and their children’s children that a woman can overcome adversity and succeed, through education.”

Through my Time in GCl, I have seen that the Collective approach is the best in the forum of Social Enterprise in addition of developing the Objective of the program to cover the social, political and economy objective to work with the current situation in Egypt.

Through the experience of my fall in GCL, I have been introducing to the GAATW is a Leadership initiative for the women trafficking, they are using prevention tools and culture aspects.

Networking is one of the main major of If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships – the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace.   Franklin D. Roosevelt, therefore we can innovate new ideas like community cafe so women or leaders and youth can use it to network, share and create new ideas.


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