Pope Shenouda III A Leader , A Father & A man of Hope and Believe

Pope Shenouda III dies at 88; leader of Coptic Orthodox Church
The patriarch guided Egypt’s Christians as they felt increasingly isolated and threatened after Mubarak’s ouster. He led the church for four decades and was dogged in protecting Coptic interests.
Pope Shenouda was a Father carrying for the humanity and he was a man of principals and morale’s.
i saw him as a man of Hope always was saying ” God is there , Everything is for the Good & it will end ” because everything has an end so he always make us see the hope visual in his smile and in his kindness.
A Leader that he believed always in Team Working and open-minded to share and rightness.
his Wisdom was a talents that i feel in his passion for humanity and the people everywhere in the whole word and his intelligence to keep for the growth of the people .

he was a man of peace , Sharing & Giving ,not only the Coptic Orthodox Church has lost a Father , A leader and A man of Hope and Prayer but also the whole word

May God bless his Soul , his blessings be with us all Amen


May 12th.2012 i had created this movie :


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