Is Your Leadership Showing?

Is Your Leadership Showing?
I got this article and it is really interesting about Leadership and 5 lessons

1. Visibility

2. Preparation

3. Comfort

4. Listening

5. Blend

for me it is really summaries what is leadership for me it is visibility and to be ready with knowledge and to feel comfort i believe this depend on your mind set that you know and believe that you are able to do anything and as Olga ” one of my facilitator ” and a Friend say Never say Never.

It depends also of   the listening capacity and Ask yourself, “What one thing can I tell myself as a reminder to listen more?” It’s vitally important that you think up an effective cue. If you can’t come up with one, that in itself could indicate a deeper internal misalignment And i like to see it that all of us has 2 ears and 1 mouth so we can hear more to speak.

the last blend i like the writer when he said :” As a leader, it’s not all about you.”  

Ask yourself, “When necessary, how do I lower the volume of my leadership presence?”

Though leadership can be hard to demonstrate at times, regularly questioning how you embody your role will serve your leadership well.