Coady International Institute

In November 2012, I got accepted in Global change leaders Program in Coady institute found it by international women center for leadership.And that’s what the Coady International Institute does best. Igniting leadership that inspires collaborative effort to find solutions to issues and create the sustainable development at the community level.

Established by St. Francis Xavier University in 1959, and named for Rev. Dr. Moses Coady, the Coady Institute works with innovative people and organizations to create effective and practical solutions to reduce global poverty and injustice. Coady accomplishes this through education, action partnerships, and initiatives to help young Canadians become active global citizens.

The Coady Institute is committed to:

Providing the best possible leadership education programs for development professionals from around the world;
Working on the ground with partner organizations around the world to help them build their capacity;
Providing programs for young Canadians that encourage them to become active, more engaged global citizens;
Continuing to develop a knowledge network through which to support and share the accumulation of new knowledge that supports successful development practice.

The Institute was named in honor of Rev. Dr. Moses Coady, a prominent founder of the Antigonish Movement – a people’s movement for economic and social justice that began in Nova Scotia during the 1920s.

In 2011-2012, the International Center for Women’s Leadership is launching the Global Change Leaders program – an inaugural certificate course for emerging women leaders in development.

Through campus-based education, field placements, mentorships and online platforms the program will:

Enable a new generation of women to strengthen their leadership capacities to ignite unparalleled change at the community, national and international levels.
Build a global network of pioneering women leaders who together are able to accelerate innovation and achieve extraordinary impact.

Learning themes are grounded in real world experiences and include topics such as transformation of leadership concepts, practical leadership skills, citizen-led and asset-based development, and oral and written communications in the post-print era.

The overall Program Objective is to enable Global Change Leaders to take on more powerful and dynamic leadership roles. Specific outcomes for participants include:

Practical understanding of leadership concepts and application within their own context
Enriched knowledge and experience in essential leadership skills
Expertise in organizational learning and change management
Strengthened capacity to realize sustainable, citizen-led and asset-based development
Effective and compelling oral and written communications, and presentation skills
Ability to apply strategies and tools that underpin innovative social and economic initiatives
Active participation in a global network of like-minded women leaders

The program involves a 20-week commitment that will begin on site on January 23rd, 2012 and conclude with a graduation ceremony on May 25th, 2012. The 20-week period includes on-site learning in Canada, an international placement, and an introductory two-week online component in late 2011. Participants will also be matched to a mentor who will advises, guide, and supports them through a 6-month period (including the program period), and is linked to a global network of other women leaders.

GCL was mostly a variety of exercises, knowledge and experiences. I felt that participating in the GCL was an all-encompassing challenge, I was forced to take an honest look at myself in several areas and I appreciated that. What I liked the most was creating this personal reflection, I really enjoyed writing and reflecting also seeing things from different angles and definitely it was a challenge but  What I loved the most about this challenge was the ability for some intense self-reflection, really holding a mirror up to yourself and seeing the positives, but also the flaws and the areas for improvement. I loved reading other participants’ blogs and replies. The exercise that gave me the biggest “aha” moment was scoring my values on the Envision Your Values in Action exercise. It was truly shameful to see some of my scores in some of the areas that I consider to be my highest values. I will be focusing on those things  for certain.

Some of the interesting activities and exercises that have made reflect and analysis a lot of this thing on my life and on my country 

1- the first Week in the Program we had The Life River was an amazing exercise and I’m going to encourage all of my friends to do it. There’s nothing like actually writing everything down and literally visualizing your life in an organized manner to motivate you. And to draw your river and actually it was the hardest to make this flashback about your life and see the moment that transform your life.

2- the second exercise was in the negotiation skills: the card personality with Marie and to know more about your personality through a card with different colors and so you remember never you will forget who are you? and how you can develop yourself?
3- 31reset days , during the first 8 weeks in Coady , i did this journey of writing everyday through some question what send it through emails and really through writing it helped me to see the real growth and to ask myself more questions about how doi want things to be done and I see my future and how to develop my vision.

“My favorite exercise in the 31 reset days was the life narrative! It was fun, enlightening, and just plain MOTIVATING to write out what I picture my life to be in the next 7-10 years. It also provided something for me to reflect on whenever I have feelings of discouragement, anxiety, or if I just need that extra push!”


4- Another Activity or quiz, I have been introduced to it the QUIZ: Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert?

QUIZ: Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert?

It helps you to know who are you? and the mostly benefit of this that you can do it in your life

Are You An Extrovert or An Introvert?

Are you introverted or extroverted?

My Result: Intro-Extrovert

Sometimes you’re social – sometimes you’re shy
You’ve got a bit of an Introvert / Extrovert split going on
You enjoy all sorts of situations. Parties, small groups, and alone time.
Too much of one, and you’ll long for the other. You need variety!
Chances are, you’ve got both serious and fun friends – and they don’t get along.

  • Then spending a week from the 30th of April till the 4th of May in Coady for one of my placement with some of the objective that I have put it and mostly focus on Curriculum development as an academic development, management and organizing, communication department and program facilitation and needs of the global for new programs.

After Spending the First 8 weeks of the Program in Canada and traveled to my placement I came back for 1 week to spend it in Coady as a placement to learn more about the institution and get the experience over the different programs of Coady.

GCL Deliverables-Synthesis Document Coady

meetings with coady

Questions for my meetings

Reporting all of this and take this experience and implement it and synchronous in my program Axia and the other programs was very important because it make me study deputy the Adult education philosophy and how it starts and another Global example and all of this was introduce to me by John Gaventa
Ph.D., Director and VP of International Development, StFX

and as an esprit of growth and lifting up the mind and not only the mind but it is  mind, soul and body growth and as it is a philosophy. Through Anafora Center, I saw the connection between Adult Education and Development and how you see the change in the look of the people to their life and how they implement change.

I was just sharing with My friend Josephine and how people at her home “| Kenya “was looking at her when she was speaking to them and the main things that she says it was confidence and has been lifting up.

Also, Dr. john has introduced me his definition about leadership and again it is about relationships and communication skills to develop the work and the Teamwork and their skills. the most is the feeling of belonging and been a part of the organization decisions making not only that but in the same picture as the others.

It is always about the values and your Identity, it is about respect to our difference and to have a voice.

the most quote I will take it from him is: we can try to make things as perfect as we can ” and it was about responsibility.

David Fletcher
MAdEd, Manager, Education Programs

Adult Education vision is about liberation, feel free and empower. it is about an opportunity to reflect on your life and where you are . as Tawina said one of the GCL, in the nowhere, you will discover where you are. it is to create an open environment of sharing, critical thinking Questions ?????? , a lot of them because at the end of the day it is up to you to see the difference and make the change.

Although it is about helping the participants to develop their communication skills and to build trust even they are globally but to know how to find a common language to speak and this is by knowledge and share experience during my Sharing with David , i told him about Anafora Mission and one of things it was about our Globalization not only in networking and relationships but even to be ambassador to our country. Anafora has taught me that there is no a host and no guest we are all equal and where ever I go, I work with honesty and with my values for the best of this country.

It is also about the people, the participants and the interaction between them and appreciation of the others , the experiences, and their differences. Adult Education depends always about workshops and works in Sub-groups and the idea behind that communication= build trust = Engagement.

Since 5o years, Coady has started a Diploma for leadership and community development and so how they have developed they work and it is simple and research study of what is the key issue for the individual, the communities, and the issues ” analysis ” then the Global ” impact on us ” as participants and actually, I am lucky that I will be the participants in the diploma 2012:) . the citizenship what can we do to change / find solution to challenges in our country ? and way to practice  our leadership.because it needs passion and patient and it is also about our investment in the new generation and also mentorship.

The curriculum is a big part of the education system and so we have discussed how to develop curriculum’s and what I should provide in the curriculum to make the participants ask themselves some questions and reflect more. At the end we want them to feel , think and then Do something.

Finally, we spoke about how we develop an institution and how I can develop Anafora programs, facilitation’s and system. It is about Evaluation and annual progress of the institution.

Lori Ward
Fund Development Manager

My meeting with Lori was focusing about communications and development our way of approaching for groups in the national level or Global. about the Philosophy of Traffic, it is about building Trust, credibility and the most it is about carrying Friends. the ways to also spread the word by the website , newsletters, visitors and researchers for the relationships.

Janet MacDonald
Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator

Admissions and the criteria of choosing between the applications who are  applying to the courses or the diploma in Coady and how to spread the events or the new courses of Coady through the participants database that coady have it since over 50 years of Global participants. Annual budget effect of the number of Scholarship that coady can present it.

Janet is a member of the Coady Institute Advisory Committee and the StFX Equity Advisory Committee. it was interesting for me to know more about the Advisory committee, it is a committee for guidance a group of educated and well known selected from the staff + the university to brainstorming what could be developed and how ?.

Catherine Irving
Library Specialist

I am also planning to develop our library system and we are also working  to establish new one Academic one to help the participants to go depth in their study and so it was very helpful to me to know the way they organize coady library the Marie Michael Library.

Olga Gladkikh
Senior Program Staff, Advocacy & Citizen Engagement

Olga has introduced to be a lot of technicians for Advocacy and participation ” engagement “,  The skills and to help the participants see the invisible power in their head and how to develop is also about the art of living together, Voice, Cross-Cultural, and Free the mind. Knowing and doing are about beliefs, faith and empower with knowledge. your Play role and your confidence ” try it and error “, growing the power within . also about flexibility and been like water because development is like water running and you have to be flexible with it because there is no development without your resources and they are the human been and Leadership capital. it is about building capacities.

Sheila Isaac
LLB, Program Manager
Indigenous Women in Community Leadership

I did not have a meeting with her but during a lunch time we have spoken about the idea of the Indigenous women program and how it is about leadership between the past and the future and the healing to empower them to find the power within them to networking  the IW to support each others. During this program, they focus on ABCD to mobilize their resources  plus their power to a movement of change in their communities.

Last but not least Shelagh Savage
BA, Partnership Management,so our meeting was focusing on partnership and again relationships and communication skills. The Global policy and the focus on the reputation of the organization.

Placements Presentation :

Placements presentation


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