Journey of Grace and Glory

I have been very inspire by the book of Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard and so my new step i will call Grace and Glory as i will by December 2012 .

Grace & Glory :

  • I will be totally free ………………………. 🙂 and freedom for me it is a big thing for anything that i need to learn or from Growing and plant news seeds in my soul and my mind and to be changed for the better been.
  • As in GCL i have got the opportunities to visit different places like Zambia , Ottawa and meet with Minister Oda and network with very good people so this time i would like to do the same and be the public speaker and meet the prime minister of Canada 🙂 i know ………..

  • Finishing my Diploma with high success and with a great team

  • Applying for my master and started and finish it in only 1 year , i know i can do i
  • Networking , Networking , Networking 🙂  Humanity depend on Everybody needs to be encouraged, including you. Keep doing the best you can, you’ve got what it takes and you are going to make it. Remember to encourage others to pursue their own dreams. Build each other up, encouragement is important.   🙂 miss you GCL AND WELCOME TO 2012 DIPLOMA     REFLECTION REFLECTION REFLECTION


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